Maybe I broke The Lorenz Symmetry theory.

Possible solution to: Relativity and Quantum Entanglement paradox

The first successful experiment to measure the speed of light was that of Ole Roemer in 1676, since then there have been several experiments yielding results in a finite speed for light in vacuum of 299,792,458 m / s. Other significant events in the history of physics were the various theories that have tried to explain the nature of light and determine if it has wave or corpuscular nature, and although there are still unresolved theoretical issues. The most accepted theory is that the dual nature of light is synthesizing Maxwell’s electromagnetism and particle theory in quantum electrodynamics. Paul Dirac Being is a pioneer in this regard. In the eighteenth century, contradictions emerged between classical physics and experiments by scientists as light waves being emitted by a moving object had a final speed that differed to the result predicted by the classical vector sum of the velocity of the object emitting and the speed of light. Similar results obtained British astronomer George Airy to make measurements through a telescope and a flow with a velocity equal to that of the earth and against the expected, the light did not change the relative velocity. From these experiments, the best known is the Michelson-Morley that by using an interferometer showed the speed of light does not vary regardless of the speed of the observers. This experiment did not throw results consistent with the theory of ether (initial motivation of scientists), but it was the precursor of the concept of the Lorentz contraction introduced by Hendrik Antoon Lorentz and what later was the most important formula in Special Theory Of Relativity published by Albert Einstein in 1905. According to current theoretical framework based on the Theory of Relativity, if the velocity of any particle is greater than light, then the denominator of the Lorentz Factor would be an imaginary number (The square root of a negative number), so that under this paradigm hyper light speed is a mathematical impossibility. In September 2011, however, OPERA experiment result was announced by CERN scientist and many people thought the neutrino speed could exceed the speed of light, regardless that a few months later they announced that the results of this experiment was inaccurate, this would have contradicted the current theoretical framework based on Lorentz transformation used by Einstein to conceptualize the Special Theory of Relativity. This led me to formulate an alternative paradigm for Lorentz transformation, even if neutrino is not faster than light, the approach I present here is still useful and effective because there is in fact another phenomenon that apparently occurs faster than light: Quantum Entanglement. Recently a team of European scientists have entangled photons between the Canary Islands of La Palma and Tenerife, Spanish territory located across North Africa, a distance of nearly 150 miles and entanglement occurs many times faster than light, which according to Einstein-Lorentz paradigm would be impossible. Some dismiss an Einstein-Quantum Interlace paradox, arguing that quantum entanglement does not imply energy or information transmission, but perhaps this argument is wrong because: 1 – The nature of the information transmitted by quantum entanglement is unknown, so it still belongs to the field of study of the philosophy of science, even if we know it´s effects experimentally. 2-Quantum entanglement changes the quantum state of the particle (Spin, Momentum, position and polarization). And if we consider the definition of energy, which in its simplest form could be expressed as follows: Energy is the ability to produce work or movement (Just what happens in quantum teleportation). Indeed there is energy transportation on quantum entanglement. Scientist needs an alternative to explain Relativity-Entanglement paradox, and because of the lack of a workable theory I propose an alternative approach to the limitation imposed by the special Relativity: The denominator of the Lorentz factor, will not have the speed of light as a variable, but will have u as an universal speed variable. Of course the observers A and B will detect u particles or waves but won’t detect electromagnetic waves as human eye or radars. For this experiment, we will use a hypothetical interferometer to detect tachyons only (no photons) And if in these conditions we make the Michelson-Morley experiment, then tachyon speed will be constant and independent to observers A and B, not light, c would not be constant anymore. In this scenario, as in quantum entanglement, the Lorentz factor denominator shall not be an imaginary number, it shall be root of a positive number, and since the particle velocity would be faster than light but slower or equal to the tachyon speed. In other words, if we consider that the information travel through tachyon particles or waves then the speed of light would not be constant but the tachyon will be, (From the reference frame of tachyonic observer). When we apply this principle to a particle or wave that moves faster than c, this particle will travel to the future ¨ In relation to our present, determined by photonic information ¨, but never in relation with the moment when the phenomenon occurs. For this reason the practical implementation of the relativistic formulas for satellite signal synchronization is so effective, but ineffective if trying to reconcile with the quantum entanglement. This new paradigm is important and could re-design the framework of modern physics related to time and space (Even the implications of the General Theory Of Relativity have not been taken into account. I hope the scientific community to get curious about Quantum Entanglement paradox and initiate research on this subject in which this theory can be taken into account. Translation from Spanish. Luis Emilio Padilla Cury


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